Dogs of mine & dogs of those who are very close to me

Updated 2 December 2018

Rosy Krauel ~ 2yo - 2008 (Whittier, CA)

Rosy Krauel adopted @ 3yo (2009 Brookings, SD)

Rosy Krauel

Bugs & Rosy

Grendl (aka Bugs) Adopted @ 2yo 1999

Grendl (RIP) Boxing Day 2009 (Brookings, SD)

Grendl is still hard at work at SDSU

Woody Pedersen (circa 1986)

Jersey Pedersen (circa 1984)

Matti Pedersen (circa 1984)

Pip-(istrelle) Krauel (Knoxville, TN)

Pip-(istrelle) Krauel w. snow whiskers

Pip Krauel in her pita-bed in front of a heater vent

Pip-(istrelle) Krauel (Knoxville, TN)

Pip, Rosy, & the usual suspects

Snowbelle Pedersen (Family dog, circa 1966)

Snowbelle Pedersen (Family dog)

Chipper & Trinka Pedersen (Parent's dogs)

Chipper & Trinka Pedersen (Parent's dogs)

Elsa Pedersen (Parent's dog)

Danny Pedersen (Parent's dog)

Trudy Pedersen (Parent's dog)

Abby Pedersen Miller (Salt Lake City, UT)

Murphy Pedersen MillerRIP 5/2009 (Salt Lake City, UT)

Willie Pedersen Miller RIP 6/2010 (Salt Lake City, UT)

Boon Troelstrup (White, SD)

Boon Troelstrup @ 4yo (White, SD)

Boon Troelstrup, RIP 12.2005 - 10.2018

Lux Strasburg Asheville NC (RIP)

Lila Strasburg Asheville NC

Gretchen Gibson @ 10w(Brookings, SD)

Gretchen Gibson, RIP 2018 (Brookings, SD)

Jasmine Gibson (Brookings, SD)

Bob Phelps (Brookings, SD)

Max Phelps (Brookings, SD)

Alle Larsen (Lubbock, TX)

Alle Larsen (Lubbock, TX)

Shavano Wheaton Lazo (Lousiville, CO)

Shavano Wheaton Lazo RIP June 2008

Doolin Wheaton Lazo (Lousiville, CO)

Doolin Wheaton Lazo @ 5mo (Lousiville, CO)

Rufus Roedel (pup) (Madrid, NM)

Rufus Roedel (Madrid, NM)

Duncan of Rogersville (Madrid, NM)

Thunder Manasco @ 18yo (Madrid, NM)

Jasper Adams @ 9w (Boulder, CO)

Jasper Adams @ 18y+ (Boulder, CO)

DaHei (RIP), Darwin, & Weiba Bexell
(w/ Rick Adams, Boulder, CO)

Susie Sykes (RIP)(Estes Park, CO)

Daisy Sykes (Estes Park, CO)

Libby Amiotte (RIP) (Brookings, SD)

Splash Amiotte (Brookings, SD)

Topper Clark (RIP)(West Seattle, WA)

Amber Clark (RIP) (West Seattle, WA)

Cooper & Harley Larsen (Anchorage, AK)


Spud and Tater (RIP)(UW Seattle, WA)
Rat circus - Dorm bathroom, Lewis & Clark College (Portland, OR).