Guide to the bats of Montserrat

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Sturnira spp.

Yellow-shouldered Bat - Sturnira angeli

Until recently, this bat was named Sturnira thomasi vulcanensis. The genetic data now suggest that the correct name is Sturnira angeli vulcanensis (Genoways)

STATUS: Sturnira is known from 6 islands in the Lesser Antilles, with Montserrat being the furthest north. This subspecies'vulcanensis' is known only from Montserrat being first reported by Pedersen et al. (1996). The subspecific name refers to the Soufrière that has seriously damaged natural habitat and the lives of the citizens of Montserrat with its recent eruptions. Only two examples of this rare bat have been mist-netted on Montserrat - Pedersen in 1994 at the Paradise Estate area and Pedersen in 2005 at Bottomless Ghaut. When found, it occurs in native, humid forest.

IDENTIFICATION: On Montserrat, the fur of this animal is uniformly grayish brown and lacks the "yellow shoulder" characteristic of the genus.

SIZE: Length of forearm, 44.7mm.


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